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Here's how we help the needy


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Here's how we support us

     Friends Helping Friends''Sculptural style"

If you or anyone else you know is in need of support, please let us know and we'll connect them with friends who can help. In addition to your needs, please consider supporting one or more of your favorite Foundations...those who put the interests and well-being of those most in need of assistance at the forefront of their efforts. I've personally always been moved and quite impressed with their efforts at hand and have also been inspired in large degree by their heroism...as I'm certain they've all been by the heroes  inspiring the work of their heads, hands, hearts and feet. Thank you all for all you've done and continue doing on behalf of them (whoever they may be) and for the benefit of us. May God Bless all of you.

To get an idea as to how well ANY charity benefits society, please go to www.charitynavigation.org.  They offer information on accountability and finance, providing assurance that your charitable intentions are being well served.