Our little "Heidi Cat" sure is.  What a joy to have her in our lives, and a wonderful reminder of the happiness delivered by her 15-year old brother "Vince."

             being a one


​                                               If you were asked to visit this website ... CONGRATULATIONS.   

It was because you made a positive impression on me and are someone I felt worthy of saluting as a Truly Class Act. 

If your impression was made because of a warm, welcoming attitude, thanks for being so Friendly, even if only for just a few minutes or so in passing. Sometimes it's those kinds of gestures, thoughtful comments or pleasant smiles that make for good Friendships and eventual lasting societal contributions. 

If those impressions were made over a lifetime of shared experiences, thank you for being that One Good Friend.  I'd not be who I am without your generous contributions to the Good in my life.  After all, we're all in this thing together and wouldn't be anything or anyone without each other ... regardless of how long our Friendship has thankfully lasted.

Put another way (and in different font (colors and size also aside  :-)   
If anyone ever took the time to dig in and maybe:
(1) Add a link to this page on an e-mail,
(2) Pass along the ONEGOODFRIEND.COM website name,
3) Just say: "There's a really cool site (ok, maybe that's str....etching it a bit) but there IS a site I wanted you to take a look at.  Why?  Well, when you read what's there you'll KNOW why.  Take my word for it, just check it out and I hope you'll appreciate where this is going. Just make sure you go directly to the THANKS page."
(4) or even paraphrased to one degree or another the above point...

Then congratulations yet again.   Whoever did anything "(1)-(4)" also thinks you've made enough of an impact on them to be considered worthy of recognizing as a Truly Class  Act.

All too often in life, I have failed to make people (often strangers) even partially aware of how valuable a loving act of kindness towards me really was, so I figured now's as good a time as any (December 11, 2015 3:14 pm  EST) to begin the reciprocation process.  Furthermore, of course today being 2 weeks from
the thought occurred to me that sharing in the Holiday Joy should extend far beyond the limiting confines of it's calendar walls.  In other words, why not provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to discreetly share a special acknowledgment of thanks to a stranger (or even a familiar friend) by bringing them to this THANKS page?   
Merry Christmas 2015 -2022
and may even Happier New Years pave your future.                              

Dave Daniels

ps....thanks for enduring (if you still are) the off-the-wall nature of this website.  By that, I mean thanks for putting up with the fly-by-the seat of my pants approach to just putting something together to hopefully let people know that it's not always in HOW well things are put together that counts,
but rather in the intention behind the effort at hand.






Friendship:  that journey

well worth taking.

                  Thanks for 

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"I just thought this was an awesome picture (that happened to be included with this website template) and happily chose to keep it right here.  After all, marriages make for the best of all friendships and can never be overstated in terms of their value to lives fully lived out ...."
– David Daniels (December 4, 2016)